International freight transport: import and export for Russia
China, Korea, Taiwan, India, Turkey, all SEA countries, CIS and others
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About the company
"Red Tiger" is a team of specialists from around the world, united by shared values, laws of ethics and proven high-tech logistics resources.
The Company is close to the principles of the Japanese kaizen approach, where optimisation of business processes and financial flows is at the top of the agenda
  • -30% below
    market prices
  • 0$ prepayment
    90-day grace period
  • 83% of deliveries
    ahead of schedule
  • 120 countries
    company coverage
Types of cargo
We transport any cargo: both standard and those requiring special transportation conditions. For each task we will choose the optimal transport and route.
All modes of transportation
Non-standard solutions for transportation of standard cargo. We take into account the basic needs: delivery time, economy, safety. Express delivery is possible, it is a real "business class" for your cargo, with personalized conditions and privileges even for sea delivery.
Sea + Rail / Sea + Auto / Direct auto
We deliver shipments of military-industrial complex, construction and aviation equipment, as well as capacitive and drilling equipment.
Our expert project logistics department will provide an exclusive service:
  • Develop a project plan
  • Obtain authorization in more than 55 countries
  • Design customized load securing drawings
  • Optimize the rate with a savings guarantee of up to 17%
Sea + Rail / Sea + Auto / Direct auto
They account for 22% of the company's total cargo turnover. We will deliver cargo in accordance with the legislative peculiarities of 42 countries. We will provide full escort, sealing, explanatory and consulting support.
Save up to 33% on road transportation of dangerous goods from China! We guarantee exclusivity of the offer based on our own resources and special routes!
Sea + Rail / Sea + Auto
IWe provide not only constant temperature control, but also the appropriate escort for the type of cargo. A wide range of containers and refrigerated trailers!
We guarantee delivery time legally and financially.
Thanks to special sectional equipment, you can combine the delivery of goods of different categories requiring different temperature conditions (e.g. meat and vegetables), as well as choose delivery by truck with full compliance with the norms and requirements for this type of goods.

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